Petkov Kiwi Location and Environment

Our vineyard is located on the rolling hills of the beautiful Mt. Lehman area in Abbotsford, BC, 4km North of Hwy. #1 (Mt. Lehman exit).

The Mt. Lehman area is naturally abundant with trees and meadows. The air is clean and fresh. The soil is fertile, and rich with organic materials and nutrients. The water feeding our sustainable drip irrigation is among the purest in the world.

Kiwi Plants and fruit

Kiwi plants are vines grown on trellis (pergola).  There are female and male plants, pollinated mostly by bees. Our vines usually bloom  in June with the fruit typically being harvested at the end of October.

The kiwifruit does not ripen on the plant. Similar to bananas,  kiwis ripen in cold storage. The fruit are best medium-hard when made available to customers at retail.

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4 thoughts on “Petkov Kiwi Location and Environment”

  1. I’m in South Van and have adopted established plants at our new home. Do I cut the runners back, they are reaching everywhere. Also, my fruit will be for friends and family, do I still have to store for 4-6 weeks before they r edible? I’m thinking the dirt is old too, I’m pulling away plants that have been hoarding the rain water. Can u help me please.

    1. Hi Barbara
      I guess you are talking about kiwi plants. Do you know if the plants were pruned when they were dormant? It is very important for the kiwi to be pruned one when they are dormant and few light pruning during the summer. You need to leave some less vigorous runners so they can produce next year. Also if the canopy is very thick you can cut some tangled and very thin branches what they don’t have flowering buds on them. Make sure you remove the thickest and very vigorous suckers, otherwise they will cover the fruitful branches and they will drop the leaves and the fruits will not grow. If you can send me few photos so I can have better picture and I can help you more accurately.
      The harvest is done before med to heavy frost. In that stage they are not eatable. Ideally you should store in cooler room with high humidity. The closest to 0’C the better, it take longer for the fruits to ripe but the sugar level and the taste will be the best. To maintain the humidity you can cover the boxes with plastic and some wet cloth under the plastic.
      I hope this will help.

  2. Hi I am looking to do kiwi fruit Can George call me or someone. I have the land but need someone to do the farming part of it. doug mt Lehman.

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